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RS:X EVO 490 Mast (8.5m²)


Length : 490

Stiffness : 29

Weight/kgs : 2.05kg


Torq-preg this unique prepreg material features +/- 45 degrees fiber orientation. This helps to control torsion, particularly in the boom area. This construction results in extremely light weight masts with very fast response time!

Reduced diameter for ideal strength/weight/reflex ratio.

Progressive flex allows the sail to twist as dynamically and efficiently as possible.

The light weight of 2.05 - 2.15 kg maximizes the low end performance and ease of turning.

Shark Skin All masts are finished using “Shark skin” surface texture. It is used as a finish layer on all new masts. This low friction surface prevents wet materials to stick onto the mast surface and reduces friction.

Carbon content 490: 95%

Carbon content 520: 95%